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Ricoh MP C6000 Copier Sales Repair Service Supplies Dubuque, Iowa

Ricoh MP C6000

Work smarter and more effectively with the Ricoh MP C6000 range of Intelligent Devices — technology that is designed to grow and adapt, just as your business does.

Upgrade your workflows with speed and new technologies – Ricoh MP C6000

  •  Prints up to 60 ppm, copy, scan, optional fax B&W and Color
  •  1200 x 1200 dpi max print resolution
  •  Paper capacity up to 4,700 pages
  •  Expand high-speed capabilities with responsive control and convenient apps

Take advantage of a variety of finishing and paper options to add a professional touch while meeting the printing demands of medium to large workgroups. Environmentally-friendly low TEC (Typical Electricity Consumption) values deliver reduced energy consumption and cut running costs. RICOH copier Intelligent Support tools ensure your device uptime is maximized while self-help tools enable your teams to make simple fixes such as changing supplies — without involving expensive ITresources. With print speeds from 60 CPM, the Ricoh MP C6000 Intelligent Devices are here to add value to your business. The easy-to-use 10.1” Smart Operation Panel with touch screen controls has a new look with large icons. Settings can be configured to suit each individual user’s needs. With easier mobile connectivity, users can print or scan to the office network or cloud from their smart device — with built-in support for NFC, Apple AirPrint® or Mopria.

It’s time to:

• Work smarter — using integrated workflow scan processes.

• Get personal — with easy access to the apps you use most often.

• Stay current — add new functions as needed.

• Save costs — by reducing energy and paper consumption. Have access to essential feature enhancements and upgrades, whenever you need them. Boost productivity by seamlessly integrating apps from our secure application site to optimize and streamline your workflow. Have confidence that your Intelligent Devices are ready to meet all your demands now and in the future — using technology that’s scalable, secure, sustainable and simple. Copier Printer Facsimile Scanner Ricoh MP C6000 60-ppm B&W Copier MFP Ricoh Outstanding Achievement in Innovation for Ricoh Intelligent Scanning Get more from your intelligent device:

• Save time and streamline workflow — with the right finishing solution for the job.

• Scan smaller documents with the small size paper scan unit.

• Improved scan accuracy — double feed detection unit.

• Enhance print management

Ricoh Copiers
Ricoh Copiers

Ricoh MP C6000 Copier Sales • Service • Supplies • Rentals

All devices let you:

• Produce professional flyers with the optional multifolding unit.

• Reduce outsourcing costs — by producing printed materials in-house.

• Work efficiently and reduce user intervention — by expanding paper capacity.

• Stay productive — with RICOH Intelligent Support.

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    Most Common Repair/Service Call On Ricoh MP C6000

    1. Toner smears or does not adhere. This problem is usually either due to an old fuser assembly or defective toner cartridge. First, try replacing your toner cartridge to see if that fixes the problem. If not, move on to be sure that there is no toner spilled inside the printer. Finally, call your service technician to check the fuser, which is generally an easy fix.
    1. Paper is jamming. Among the most common and frustrating printer problems is paper jams. Common causes include dust and grime, worn rollers, or inappropriately weighted paper. Prevent paper jams by regularly cleaning your printer and replacing parts as needed. Check the weight of paper that your printer is rated for as well.


    1. The printed product is faded. This is generally caused by low toner, print density settings, or another printer setting error. Check to see how low your toner is and replace your cartridge if necessary. Then ensure that your print density isn’t too low by running a self-test and adjusting as necessary. Finally, make sure your printer isn’t set to an ink-saving or “draft” mode.

    If you’re still having issues with your Ricoh MP C6000, the good news is that there are experts on hand to help you. It may be time for a new machine and we can get you the right information to make the right decision for you. Contact us today.


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